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INTRODUCING:  Kitana age 19
Kitana is simple gorgeous.  She has a gorgeous, sweet face and an even better body.  She is doing her very first EVER adult video.  Look at that sweet, pretty pussy.
Kitana was referred to us by a cool friend of mine named Rock Reed- he's an adult video producer and always find super hot girls.  Kitana was one of my best girls- ever!
Kitana---thank you for being so sweet and so professional... You are gonna make a Fine Porn Star!

Katia is just gorgeous.. and has a perfect college girl body.  She is an exchange student and only here for 1 year.  She called me up and told me
that she wanted to do something wild that her boyfriend and father would not know about.  She was leaving for home in a week, so we played.
WOW---I love you Katia... Thanks for the memories, boo!

Dylan is a HOT college girl just 20 years old.  She is 5'8 " --- a very tall girl. 36-c chest.  Gorgeous hair and beautiful skin...
She talks about her cute little nipples before we both get naked.  She has Gorgeous eyes, then watch her suck my finger and swallow it.

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Hello---Tabitha is a super cute college girl!  She is just 19 years old and is 5 foot 6 and a half :)  She weighs just 110 lbs - She is just so darn tiny and cute!
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